Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'd like to be, under the sea.

Yes, if I was under the sea perhaps I wouldn't have so much trouble with Blogger. After a few attempts at this post and not getting anywhere, I deleted it and went to play Tomb Raider.
I have knat! As the Young Divas *shudder* have been known to say, "This time I know it's for real!" I have made various things including three little fish for a few cats. Not all our cats, either. We only have the one!

Here is everything (can't be bothered being fancy because it just messes things up):
Try and guess what the bear is knitting! Amanda J, you're not included. Here's a clue: the I Cord and the green swatch will be joined. If only i could knit quicker...
Good luck!
Have a good week.
Little Purl xx

Monday, January 22, 2007

we all want to change the world.

Isn't the quote in the sidebar cute? I later attended the wedding, Tiny M looking radiant in a snow white gown and a purple sparkly crown. Oh, and a fairy wand. I played the part of the celebrant and married the pair. At first, I thought TM was marrying Whirly, and that is not a mistake we want to make. Apparently Whirly is mean and wicked. So Charlie it was.

I must post some pics. I'm sure everyone's bored with my blog at the moment.

I am considering knitting something, and soon. Any ideas? Free form really isn't working. Would anyone reccomend socks? What a silly question.

I'm about to start a new blog, so have a look in the Sidebar soon and check it out (if you want to).

Have a good week, talk again soon, and post pics of bag I sewed with Slim Suzy,

Little Purl x

Sunday, January 21, 2007

She Showed Me Her Room, Isn't it Good?

Hello there,

I shall post some pics of the sewing soon. I promise! It's a little drawstring bag made from colourful material. Thanks to Slim Suzy for all your help!

Amanda J's blog looks so good, doesn't it? I'm suffering from blenvy, also known as 'blog envy'.

Today I have unleashed my inner interior designer and stuck lots of things (records, photos, things from old magazines [1960s, 1950s]) onto my wall, which I am very pleased with. I have also spent hours (literally. As in, maybe, five hours?) cleaning my room and it now looks presentable. I do need to vacuum and already am slipping into my messy habits, but today I am too tired to do much. Went to a sleepover last night...enough said.

I am still deciding what to make next. Free form isn't doing much for me at all I have decided...all I get is a stocking stitch lop sided square with around, say, three holes in it. Fine if you weren't into...uh...anything.

Thanks for the comments everyone!! Oh, and my Beatles thing? It's off a free animation website!

Little Purl xx

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Must Be A Knit-Wit.

I really must. Maybe people with keen eyes would have noticed this silly old duck doesn't usually have a title for her posts. How right you would be. Only when Slim Suzy, the technology-spert, realised that I didn't have the title thingy ticked did I realise am not so crash hot with Blogger.


I have figured out how to use the new Blogger.

Have had a lovely two days with Slim, op-shopping and the like. I bought a top, heaps of records and some books.

No other exciting news, except...I learnt how to sew (properly!!).

More on that later. Must fly, I'll post again soon, and have a great weekend...

Little Purl x

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm back, I'm back, as the Michael Jackson song goes. Or, I thought it went like that. It should.
I'm back from the East Coast, which is where I went for a lovely holiday. We all had a very good time, whether we were beaching, barbecueing (?) or browsing [shops]. Nice and hot most days, except yesterday when I think the ice may have melted in Antarctica and made its way over here. Not to worry.
That's right, I knat*. I also learnt to finger knit and relearnt casting on. Mmm. Yarn.
Lots of things inspired my great come back. Katt. AJ. It's my Party and I'll Knit if I Want To. Vickie Howell. And the way our house is full of wool.
Nope, nothing exciting made yet. Yes, I have been trying 'free form', if that means doing whatever you want to. As I told AJ, "I'm knitting rows, I'm purling rows and sometimes I just throw the stitches off!"
I was having a grand old time until it was time for bed, then I frogged everything I did and left the scrumptious sock yarn in a ball on the ground, full of bouncy woolergy
Thanks Slim Suzy.
Oh, and 'It's My Party and I'll Knit if I Want To' is a fabby book by Sharon Aris. It's Australian, it's honest and it's interesting. Oh, and full of inspirational girls (and a couple of boys).
I wonder how long this knitting spree will last.

Little Purl xx

*Knat - plural. Also known as knitted.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

After meeting a fellow blogger today with AJ, I have been inspired to start (fill in the blanks here) again. Did I mean knitting? Unfortunately, no, sorry. I haven't knitted for a very long time, which is a bit naughty, I know. No, I suppose you could say I am a knitting wuss. Couldn't be bothered to follow patterns yet got bored with knitting Mr Toasties.
So, like the quitter I have proven myself to be, I, er, quit. Quit knitting, I mean. I still read a lot, write a bit and listen to music. But not the Chili Peppers...
Reminding me of which, I was reading some old posts. It's like peering into an old diary, which I also have done recently - I sat there shaking my head and chuckling - oh, how old I used to think I was! But look at me now!
Okay, so that doesn't really apply with my blog. But I have noticed quite a few changes.
It's not the Chili Peppers any more, as I have already said. I went through (and am just escaping) a Beatles phase. I still love them, of course. I just don't feel the need to listen to Here Comes the Sun every morning twice as I did.
I have grown, been on work experience and got over my love of musicals. I have expanded my music tastes. I can play more than one song on the guitar. I am on holidays. I can spend money at the drop of a hat. I love love love painting.
And I have two new pets.
Yep, that's right. Two little mice, Mrs Mouse and Louie. Both females, and let me just say, I didn't come up with either of the names. My suggestion of Lady Madonna was shot down by pretty much everyone - and Walrus didn't go too well either.
They are very cute and I'll post some pics next time I blog. Mrs Mouse is all black and very skitchy. Louie, on the other hand, is tame as anything and loves being held and crawling from hand to hand. She's white with browny-grey-gingery spots.
I can hear the heads shaking from here. "This animal thing, just another phase," I hear. Well, no, not really. I have always loved reading about animals and have always loved the animals themselves, though I am often a little scared of them. My dream is to find the perfect animal book for $2 sometime in an op shop - ha! Like that's ever going to happen!
But enough about me. How are all of you? Still knitting?

Talk again soon,
Little Purl x

(Suppose I really should change my name, huh?)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hello everyone,
Well, my last post was a giant blab. Now for some crafty news:
I am knitting a pocket monster from knitty, the blue one. Aren't they cute?! I also frogged a scarf I was in the process of making, but I'm not exactly sure why. I think I needed something to do.
I haven't done any more scrapbooking. Any ideas for a page that doesn't involve friends? I can't really think of one. Maybe pets? They have really cute stickers at Spotlight (nope, not getting paid to say this) for scrapbooking which I might get a sheet of.
I went with school to see Hair today. Wowzers!!!! I just loved it. I think I was born in the wrong era. It looks so cool (minus the drug taking, of course)!
Well, have a good weekend,
Love Little Purl xx