Monday, May 29, 2006

Wow! How busy can a 12 year old girl get?
That's right...
I'M A TEENAGER!!!! 13!
Woo hoo!
Also, not only am I a teenager, I'm well travelled. Yep, I've gone to Melbourne. What did I do? Glad you asked!!
Well, I shopped the whole time. Literally the whole time! We didn't do anything else except for the sleeping/toilet/eating business. But for two and a half days I shopped and was great!
Okay, this isn't a great post, but I thought I better do a quick update and tell you that I'm a teenager (dang, I have to change all my blog now!).
And I might just follow a pattern (started a scarf...and am about to get into scrapbooking! Done one page!).
Love Little Purlxx

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy weekend! And how busy it's been so far!!!!
Saturday morning: Netball - my first game. Thrashed to pieces. 'Nuff said.
Saturday afternoon: Off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! I saw it through the week with school but I don't think the atmosphere was right. I didn't enjoy it much with my class, maybe coz the sound guy was blocking my view. But today it was fab-u-lous! Maybe the thought of the last performance kept the, er, performers going. But they had so much (?) today. I can't wait to be in a production! The dog who played Toto was adorable and well behaved! It must've been so hard for him with all the noises/sounds/lights etc but he just sat there. Cuuute!
Argh, my blog is driving me up the wall! How come I am putting it all Arial but it's going big/different fonts? Hmph. Me-thinks I'll change template, AJ found a cool site with free ones.
I have followed in Cindy's foot steps and made a quiz. Have a go!! I won't bite (hard) if you get it wrong!
Hmm, not much else to report, no knit-spiration happening. No idea what to knit. Isn't it depressing?!
Well, have a good Sunday and happy Mother's Day to the Mums (and even if you aren't!), y'all deserve a cuppa tea! (There I go again)
Love Little Purlxx

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Brr. That is all I have to say.

No not really!

Hmm, not too much has been happening but thought I better update anyhoo.
Oh, let's talk about THE shoes.
The shoes! The stupid shoes! I was walking in town with my class (excursion on old buildings etc) when suddenly..."Hey, my shoe feels kinda LOOSE!"
I had a couple of people behind me so I kept walking, thinking the dang thing had simply come undone. But nooo, the shoe had BROKEN! The strap that kept it on went all boogelly (thanks for the word Cindy, am I using it correctly?) and broke on me. So I had to walk back to the bus wearing a shoe without a strap. So nothing was holding it on me! Grrdy prrdy*!
We got a new pair yesterday though.
I watched Hellboy last night! Not bad, not bad! Actually it was great, better even then the graphic novel (which I happened to take a pic of and is on the right) which was excellent. He is so cool! And very quotable. I love quotable things!
Knitting news:
Uh, all is quiet on the knitting front. Need inspiration, need inspiration bad. Hmm. Any ideas? No fair isle *shudder* or stripes (darn stripes! See my scarf on the left? Huh? Huh?) and no pattern? I'm not asking much. The rug is kapoot. I was knitting it on quite big needles with thin acrylic wool so it was very holey. Argh. I'll try again some other time!
Well, have a good week y'all. (Y'all? I sound like *blerk* Jessica Simpson! Don't follow the link if you want to keep your lunch in your tummy.)
Little Purlxx
*Grrdy Prrdy: extreme anger expressed with grrs, prrs and dy's. You know it's bad when you include a dy. Prr is not purr, purr meaning contented.