Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hello everyone,
Well, my last post was a giant blab. Now for some crafty news:
I am knitting a pocket monster from knitty, the blue one. Aren't they cute?! I also frogged a scarf I was in the process of making, but I'm not exactly sure why. I think I needed something to do.
I haven't done any more scrapbooking. Any ideas for a page that doesn't involve friends? I can't really think of one. Maybe pets? They have really cute stickers at Spotlight (nope, not getting paid to say this) for scrapbooking which I might get a sheet of.
I went with school to see Hair today. Wowzers!!!! I just loved it. I think I was born in the wrong era. It looks so cool (minus the drug taking, of course)!
Well, have a good weekend,
Love Little Purl xx


Slim Suzy said...

Oh, those pocket monsters are SO cute!
I was wondering what Hair would be like. Glad you enjoyed it. Guess you will be knitting a hairband and flares now?

Sharon said...

The pocket monsters are cute.

I was born in 1966 but I feel that I missed out on one big party as I was too young to know what was going on!!!

2paw said...

Will the pocket monster be knitted down to there? Yeah!!
I should have been born in the 40s so I could have experienced Frank and Bing and Dean and all the Rat Pack in their glory : oh and Nat and Perry and Doris!!!!!

Suzi said...

I would have liked to seen Hair live, as I have only seen the movie version, and own the soundtrack.

Give me Hair! Long, golden, flaxen, waxen Hair!

Oh wait I have it here because I was just listening to it the other day.