Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Well, I have written my first post and haven't actually knitted anything since then. One of my friends has put in an order for a pale green (same as the purse) Mr Toasty, so I'd better start that one tonight. Thank gooooodness I have NO HOMEWORK!
Easter is coming up...in fact it must be 17 days...? Just looking at the Target catologue in front of me...ha ha. Anyhoo, we'll have a few weeks off school which is tres cool.
Just thought I'd update JIC someone has been looking (but is too shy to comment :oP), so I'll talk later,
From Little Purl.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

My First Post

My First Post: what an original name for a, er, first post. But it really is my first post, so I thought I better call it something simple. But enough about the strange name.
I started knitting around, oh, the start of Feb 2006 after seeing Stitch 'n' Bitch. I had no idea knitted stuff could look so...interesting! Fun! Cool!
So Mum (yes...I'm 12) and I went off to the mess that is Spotlight. Whoa! The wools! I chose a nice chunky yellow and pink ball of wool - I mean yarn. I just did knit rows and a scarf grew soooo quickly I was hooked, and of course I learned a few lessons (e.g you're supposed to sew the ends in, not cut them off...oops).
I continued knitting, and I learnt purl, which isn't as hard and complicated as I first thought. Soon things were spinning off my needles faster than...er...a fast food shop. Well, I mean, I haven't actually made that much...well, here are some pix. Oh, the beanie being modelled by the heavily made up My Model? Mum actually made that. But I did sew on the cute pink hand button!
Intro to my 'items':
Been There Done That Scarf: well, my first item, really good wool!! Knitted up realllllly quickly. Kind of thought I was a pro in the middle and got loose...doesn't look to good around there! Oh, ps, the been there done that thing is coz everyone has done a scarf!! I'm sure of it!
Purl Purse: this is an easy peasy thing I did so I could learn to purl properly. I sewed it and put the button on myself...yes I did it all!! (insert smug grin here)
Mr Toasty: what a cutie if I say so myself! He's filled with rice and is v v handy on a cold morning. Zap him in the micro for ten secs and you've got a warm friend...
Squeak Beanie: actually I didn't do any of this apart from a few rows. But I love it!! I chose this acrylic rubbishy stuff but it's a great colour. And the hand button is too cute! Squeak coz Mum swears it sqoke (squoke? Squeaked?) when she knit it.

Well, thanks for reading my first post, please leave a comment!

From...Little Purl.