Tuesday, January 09, 2007

After meeting a fellow blogger today with AJ, I have been inspired to start (fill in the blanks here) again. Did I mean knitting? Unfortunately, no, sorry. I haven't knitted for a very long time, which is a bit naughty, I know. No, I suppose you could say I am a knitting wuss. Couldn't be bothered to follow patterns yet got bored with knitting Mr Toasties.
So, like the quitter I have proven myself to be, I, er, quit. Quit knitting, I mean. I still read a lot, write a bit and listen to music. But not the Chili Peppers...
Reminding me of which, I was reading some old posts. It's like peering into an old diary, which I also have done recently - I sat there shaking my head and chuckling - oh, how old I used to think I was! But look at me now!
Okay, so that doesn't really apply with my blog. But I have noticed quite a few changes.
It's not the Chili Peppers any more, as I have already said. I went through (and am just escaping) a Beatles phase. I still love them, of course. I just don't feel the need to listen to Here Comes the Sun every morning twice as I did.
I have grown, been on work experience and got over my love of musicals. I have expanded my music tastes. I can play more than one song on the guitar. I am on holidays. I can spend money at the drop of a hat. I love love love painting.
And I have two new pets.
Yep, that's right. Two little mice, Mrs Mouse and Louie. Both females, and let me just say, I didn't come up with either of the names. My suggestion of Lady Madonna was shot down by pretty much everyone - and Walrus didn't go too well either.
They are very cute and I'll post some pics next time I blog. Mrs Mouse is all black and very skitchy. Louie, on the other hand, is tame as anything and loves being held and crawling from hand to hand. She's white with browny-grey-gingery spots.
I can hear the heads shaking from here. "This animal thing, just another phase," I hear. Well, no, not really. I have always loved reading about animals and have always loved the animals themselves, though I am often a little scared of them. My dream is to find the perfect animal book for $2 sometime in an op shop - ha! Like that's ever going to happen!
But enough about me. How are all of you? Still knitting?

Talk again soon,
Little Purl x

(Suppose I really should change my name, huh?)


Katt said...

Glad to see I got you back to your blog ;) now if we could just do something about the knitting! You know if you hate patterns...You should start designing them..MAKE the rules..make everyone else apply to them ;)

Ooooh mice!! They are wonderful little pets! I can strongly suggest Rats too..They are like little people...watching a rat eat a thawed pea is gorgeous!


2paw said...

Hello mIss Missing in Blog Action!! The green sock wool was a present and it is very bright and very green!!! MrsDrWho's finches at school are called Buffy and Angel!!! Mrs Mouse and Louie: not sure what TV show they are from!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogging Little Purl. I think your name is lovely. You don't need to change it. You may knit again in the future.
Have fun with your two new pets. :-)

Suzi said...

Good to see you back! We've all missed you. Perhaps you should take up with the new wave of knitters, the freeform knitting??? I can't finish something that's written down let alone something I merely made up. But I look on enviously.