Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Must Be A Knit-Wit.

I really must. Maybe people with keen eyes would have noticed this silly old duck doesn't usually have a title for her posts. How right you would be. Only when Slim Suzy, the technology-spert, realised that I didn't have the title thingy ticked did I realise am not so crash hot with Blogger.


I have figured out how to use the new Blogger.

Have had a lovely two days with Slim, op-shopping and the like. I bought a top, heaps of records and some books.

No other exciting news, except...I learnt how to sew (properly!!).

More on that later. Must fly, I'll post again soon, and have a great weekend...

Little Purl x


2paw said...

I love your Beatles picture changey banner thingy!!!
Glad you had a great time shopping.
Will we see any of the sewing??? Hope so!!!

amanda j said...

Hmm, me thinks you could use 2paw's instructions and make mother a sock tote!!! Woopee!!

Slim Suzy said...

It was nice to have an op-shopping friend with me. I really enjoyed our two days too!

Sharon said...

Good on you for learning how to sew.

I love, love, love the Beatles thingy, yes I am a HUGE fan.

Katt said...

oooooh i love sewing when I get the time to do it (and you know..when the sewing machine and I get along)...

There is a FANTASTIC T.A.F.E course that I could highly recommend cos I did 2 years of it..teaches you how to do shop quality clothes..

It gives you a tad of an obsession with industrial sewing machines (and their friends) if you dont already have one! lol