Sunday, January 21, 2007

She Showed Me Her Room, Isn't it Good?

Hello there,

I shall post some pics of the sewing soon. I promise! It's a little drawstring bag made from colourful material. Thanks to Slim Suzy for all your help!

Amanda J's blog looks so good, doesn't it? I'm suffering from blenvy, also known as 'blog envy'.

Today I have unleashed my inner interior designer and stuck lots of things (records, photos, things from old magazines [1960s, 1950s]) onto my wall, which I am very pleased with. I have also spent hours (literally. As in, maybe, five hours?) cleaning my room and it now looks presentable. I do need to vacuum and already am slipping into my messy habits, but today I am too tired to do much. Went to a sleepover last night...enough said.

I am still deciding what to make next. Free form isn't doing much for me at all I have decided...all I get is a stocking stitch lop sided square with around, say, three holes in it. Fine if you weren't into...uh...anything.

Thanks for the comments everyone!! Oh, and my Beatles thing? It's off a free animation website!

Little Purl xx


Katt said...

All I can suggest for freeform is something basic..

Grab a standard stocking stitch sock pattern..and rent from the library a stitch guide book (unless your mum has one...which is better)...

Then see if you can create new sock patterns using gorgeous new stitches...

This way you get more then a holey lopsided square you get a sock..with holes if you want it ;)


P.S. Cant wait to see piccies!!!

2paw said...

Every year her room takes a morning bath... sigh. I am always in a state of tidying, I never reach TIDYdom!!!
I'll be you and Slim Suzi did some great sewing!!!